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White power
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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Niggers for Retards - Virtually required reading for any new nigger owner.
Niggers for Retards - Virtually required reading for any new nigger owner.

Congratulations on your purchase of a brand new nigger! If handled properly, your nigger will give years of valuable, if reluctant, service.

In this manual:

A successful nigger installation.
A successful nigger installation.



A flashing nigger alarm may indicate a malfunction in your nigger.
A flashing nigger alarm may indicate a malfunction in your nigger.

You should install your nigger differently according to whether you have purchased the field or house model. To start, set your nigger's jumpers to the slave position. Field niggers work best in a serial configuration, i.e. chained together. Chain your nigger to another nigger immediately on unpacking it, and don't even think about taking that chain off, ever. Many niggers start singing as soon as you put a chain on them. This habit can usually be thrashed out of them if nipped in the bud. House niggers work best as standalone units, but should be hobbled or hamstrung to prevent attempts at escape.

At this stage, your nigger can also be given a name. Most owners use the same names over and over, since niggers become confused by too much data. Rufus, Rastus, Remus, Toby, Gary Niger, Carslisle, Carlton, Hey-You!-Yes-you!, Yeller, Blackstar, and Sambo are all effective names for your new buck nigger. If your nigger is a ho, it should be called Latrelle, L'Tanya, Sheneequa or Jemima. Some owners call their nigger hoes Latrine for a joke. Pearl, Blossom, and Ivory are also righteous names for nigger hoes. These names go straight over your nigger's head, by the way.

The lack of bruises and lashing scars indicates that this nigger has been misconfigured.
The lack of bruises and lashing scars indicates that this nigger has been misconfigured.


Owing to a design error, your nigger comes equipped with a tongue and vocal chords. Most niggers can master only a few basic human phrases with this apparatus - "muh dick" being the most popular. However, others make barking, yelping, yapping noises and appear to be in some pain, so you should probably call a vet and have him remove your nigger's tongue. Once de-tongued your nigger will be a lot happier - at least, you won't hear it complaining anywhere near as much. Niggers have nothing interesting to say, anyway. Many owners also castrate their niggers for health reasons (yours, mine, and that of women, not the nigger's). This is strongly recommended, and frankly, it's a mystery why this is not done on the boat.


Your nigger can be accommodated in cages with stout iron bars. Make sure, however, that the bars are wide enough to push pieces of nigger food through. The rule of thumb is, four niggers per square yard of cage. So a fifteen foot by thirty foot nigger cage can accommodate two hundred niggers (equivalent to 120 white people). You can site a nigger cage anywhere, even on soft ground. Don't worry about your nigger fashioning makeshift shovels out of odd pieces of wood and digging an escape tunnel under the bars of the cage. Niggers never invented the shovel before and they're not about to now. In any case, your nigger is certainly too lazy to attempt escape. As long as the free food holds out, your nigger is living better than it did in Africa, so it will stay put. Buck niggers and hoe niggers can be safely accommodated in the same cage, as bucks never attempt sex with black hoes.

If you feed your nigger too well he will become lazy and useless.
If you feed your nigger too well he will become lazy and useless.


Your nigger likes fried chicken, corn bread, and watermelon. It also throughly enjoy drinking malt liquor from forty ounced bottles wrapped in brown paper bags, or what is more commonly known as a "fo'ty ounce". You should therefore give it none of these things because its lazy ass almost certainly doesn't deserve it. Instead, feed it porridge with salt, acorns and creek water. Your nigger will supplement its diet with whatever it finds in the fields, other niggers, dead babies, etc. Experienced nigger owners sometimes push watermelon slices through the bars of the nigger cage at the end of the day as a treat, but only if all niggers have worked well and nothing has been stolen that day. Mike of the Old Ranch Plantation reports that this last one is a killer, since all niggers steal something almost every single day of their lives. He reports he doesn't have to spend much on free watermelon for his niggers as a result.

You should never allow your nigger meal breaks while at work, since if it stops work for more than ten minutes it will need to be retrained. You would be surprised how long it takes to teach a nigger to pick cotton. You really would. Coffee beans? Don't ask. You have no idea.

Fact: Bix noods are stupid
Fact: Bix noods are stupid


Niggers are very, very averse to work of any kind. The nigger's most prominent anatomical feature, after all, its oversized buttocks, which have evolved to make it more comfortable for your nigger to sit around all day doing nothing for its entire life. Niggers are often good runners, too, to enable them to sprint quickly in the opposite direction if they see work heading their way. The solution to this is to *dupe* your nigger into working. After installation, encourage it towards the cotton field with blows of a wooden club, fence post, baseball bat, etc., and then tell it that all that cotton belongs to a white man, who won't be back until tomorrow. Your nigger will then frantically compete with the other field niggers to steal as much of that cotton as it can before the white man returns. At the end of the day, return your nigger to its cage and laugh at its stupidity, then repeat the same trick every day indefinitely.

Your nigger comes equipped with the standard nigger IQ of 75 and a memory to match, so it will forget this trick overnight. Niggers can start work at around 5am. You should then return to bed and come back at around 10am. Your niggers can then work through until around 10pm or whenever the light fades.

All the other niggers used to laugh and call him names, but on lynchmas eve he got to play in the nigger games.
All the other niggers used to laugh and call him names, but on lynchmas eve he got to play in the nigger games.


Your nigger enjoys play, like most animals, so you should play with it regularly. A happy smiling nigger works best. Games niggers enjoy include:

  1. A GOOD THRASHING: every few days, take your nigger's pants down, hang it up by its heels, and have some of your other niggers thrash it with a club or whip. Your nigger will signal its intense enjoyment by shrieking and sobbing.
  2. LYNCH THE NIGGER: niggers are cheap and there are millions more where yours came from. So every now and then, push the boat out a bit and lynch a nigger. Lynchings are best done with a rope over the branch of a tree, and niggers just love to be lynched. It makes them feel special. Make your other niggers watch. They'll be so grateful, they'll work harder for a day or two (and then you can lynch another one).
  3. NIGGER DRAGGING: Tie your nigger by one wrist to the tow bar on the back of suitable vehicle, then drive away at approximately 50mph. Your nigger's shrieks of enjoyment will be heard for miles. It will shriek until it falls apart. To prolong the fun for the nigger, do *NOT* drag him by his feet, as his head comes off too soon. This is painless for the nigger, but spoils the fun. Always wear a seatbelt and never exceed the speed limit.
  4. PLAYING ON THE PNL: a variation on (2), except you can lynch your nigger out in the fields, thus saving work time. Niggers enjoy this game best if the PNL is operated by a man in a tall white hood.
  5. HUNT THE NIGGER: a variation of Hunt the Slipper, but played outdoors, with Dobermans.
    WARNING: do not let your Dobermans bite a nigger, as they are highly toxic.
  6. A SHOW: Have a party for your nigger with Kramer as the entertainment.
The service everyone has been waiting for
The service everyone has been waiting for




Do not return your dead nigger to our nigger distribution facility. Is there are sign outside that says dead nigger storage? No, there isn't, and that is because storing dead niggers ain't our fucking business. We distribute live niggers only.

Niggers die on average at around 40, which some might say is 40 years too late, but there you go. Most people prefer their niggers dead, in fact. When yours dies, report the license number of the car that did the drive-by shooting of your nigger. The police will collect the nigger and dispose of it for you.

Nigger in its natural habitat
Nigger in its natural habitat


Notice: The following problems are very common. If you have multiple of these defects with your Nigger, do not feel like you were ripped off. Niggers are often very defective, it is their defining trait. Returning your Nigger for a new one would not show any better results.

Have it put down, for god's sake. Who needs an uppity nigger? What are we, short of niggers or something?
They all do this. Shorten your nigger's chain so it can't reach any white women, and arm heavily any white women who might go near it.
Not unless it outnumbers you 20 to 1, and even then, it's not likely. If niggers successfully overthrew their owners, they'd have to sort out their own food. This is probably why nigger uprisings were nonexistent (until some fool gave them rights).
Yeah, well, it would. Tell it to shut the fuck up.
A nigger's skin is actually more or less transparent. That brown color you can see is the shit your nigger is full of. This is why some models of nigger are sold as "The Shit-skin".
What you have there is a "wigger".
They're as common as dog shit and about as valuable. In fact, one of them was President between 1992 and 2000. Put your wigger in a cage with a few hundred genuine niggers and you'll soon find it stops acting like a nigger. However, leave it in the cage and let the niggers dispose of it.
And you were expecting what?
Don't let your nigger own a cell phone. If the problem persists, apply duct tape to their clown-lips.
This is normal.
Where are we, Wonderland? You'll have a lot of trouble getting it to fornicate with *other* niggers.
I don't really understand the question("better quality of nigger"...?WTF?)
You should immediately put on a pink jump suit and chase it.
This occurs when a nigger is taken out of his natural habitat and re-planted within an upstanding black community.


The following excerpt from A Farmer's Guide to Biology: Making the Best of Your Nigger has been included below for your interest.

The observable differences within a nigger are called variation. Think of your and your friends' niggers and all of their different sizes, shapes and features. These are variations. Animals and plants also show variation; usually more than a nigger is capable of showing. For example, dogs are all one species and can interbreed together but have many different colors, shapes or sizes. The same can be said about niggers -- but note that they always remain the same color.

Some variation is inherited and some variation is determined by the environment. A characteristic such as height and weight is partly inherited and partly caused by diet. Genes and the environment can influence your nigger.

Farmers often try to improve their niggers by breeding new variations or combinations of characteristics. For example, short and disease resistant niggers crossed with tall and susceptible niggers will give rise to tall, resistant niglets (provided the characteristics tall and resistant are dominant). Cross breeding provides a cheaper and more reliable way of improving a nigger, compared to genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is only used to introduce genes that cannot be introduced by breeding. Seeing as niggers are only able to handle simple tasks, this is usually not necessary.

A characteristic showing continuous variation is controlled by many pairs of genes and is usually influenced by the environment. Continuously variable characteristics show no distinct phenotypes; there is usually a spectrum of varieties. For example, some niggers are tall and some niggers are short, and it is possible that a nigger is any size in between. The same could be said of weight and skin tone. However, intelligence is not a variable factor as the brain of a nigger is severely underdeveloped.

Any adaptation that allows a nigger to live longer is said to have survival value. For example, a nigger with chicken survives longer when his owner decides that it is not necessary to feed him.

please call 1-porch-monkey for any help

Hailz unigod

High Preistest Salem Rotus

How There Are Still Here

If you haven't already known many niggers are alive in today. And the way niggers are born is very special. In fact they use a sacred toilet, it has a coating of white man shit from over 6000 years ago. The way the nigger child is born is the ho gets gang banged by 100 niggers and then the ho sits on the magical toilet for about 6 hours until the long shit is pushed out the asshole. This shit divides into many shits just like a cell. Soon the shit turns into a giant pile of shit, and then hardens. About 5 days after the shit cracks away and a baby nigger emerges.

After the first 3 minutes it opens its like nigger eyes and smokes some crack. Then it stands up and walks into a special shower and washes it self in spit. About 5 years later this nigger begins to get into its first gang.

Gangs are usually for gay who have no love, but then again how many niggers have love anyway. To get into these gangs the nigger usually has to do a task like suck another niggers dick or get fucked up the ass. Once that stage has been passed the nigger must prove he is tough, so the other niggers shoot it in the feet and beat it senseless with bats or whips.

When in the gang many are turn gay. Daily gang activities include anal sex with each other, oral sex with each other, and the raping of smaller nigger babys. Niggers try to build a good reputation, but many will try to rape you if you come in contact with them. Many of them look like this one in the picture below. Remember these gang members are highly stupid but can inflict serious injury if not approached with a smart technique.
The average nigger will do anything for sex. That is why you must chop of each niggers balls and penis before shooting the heads off. Also if you toucher a nigger that will be even better. The touchering of niggers will add to your reputation in our group highly. The more niggers dead the better, and making them suffer on the way out is perfect.

Oh yes and if you save the blood of your kills you can put it in our local blood storage tank to drink. The blood of niggers is an excellent grease for cooking because of all the fats and oils that they disperse. We dont feed them chicken for no reason you no. Also the skin of nigger can be used to make wonderful skin hats. Oh and the palms can be used for ash trays.

Anyways remember you can always recycle those nigger parts for free and get nigger part novelty items.

Hailz unigod

High preistest Salem Rotus


Celebrity Micheal Richards, aka Kremer from the popular show Seinfeld when contacted had stated that he would help fund our group. He said though he had apologized for his comedy break out, he would like to kill every nigger in his path.
Through out the last 5 years Mr. Richards has been creating a fund to support my upcoming nigger haters group. His out break was no mistake, if you have missed any of his words heres a brief back of the discussion between Mr. Richards and the Niggers.

"Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass," Richards yelled as the cameras started rolling. "You can talk, you can talk, you're brave now motherfucker! Throw his ass out. He's a nigger! He's a nigger! He's a nigger! A nigger, look, there's a nigger!"

Soon after this first phase, Micheal's rage for his hate of Niggers exploded. I remember the night he called my and he was telling me how he would love to slater every nigger and rape every baby until there in sides were all mixed together and then drink from the mushy corpse. Mr. Richards also declared his newly gained connection with the gods. Satan and God had told him that his path was of a most importance. You see Satan and God both hate nigger, If you haven't noticed most niggers are poor. Satan and God only created niggers to serve others as dog. But when they first were able to turn on there masters, these worthless dogs became free. You see they also had help from half breeds, the white niggers. You see many ugly ho's in the old days would fuck there slaves. The out come resulted in half white half black children. Those half breeds rose to become popular in the economy because they were thought to be full white but in this event many nigger ideas were thrown out.

But as you can see through out the future I have been able to survive. I hate all niggers I want to kill every single last one. I want to take like a meat grinder and ill have niggers on a ramp screaming as they fall to there death. And then Ill had baby's in bags on the ground crying and Ill step on the heads as I walk around my factory singing my song about love and stupid decisions like killing my parents.

Niggers will Die and will feel my pain!

Haiz unigod

High Priestest Salem Rotus

Kill niggers and jews!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Our Heart

You see the hate in my heart doesn't just come from no where. At the age of Seven, I was living with my mother and no father. My dad died when he was mugged by a nigger when I was only three years old. On the day of June 6th I came home from dinner with my mom. I remember as we came to the door I felt scared for some reason. We went up the stares to the front door, mommy grabbed the door and found it was unlocked. She told me to say close, as we walked in and shut the door I heard a noise. Mommy I said, what was that. My mom told me to wait behind the couch in the living room. She then started walking back to her room. A light when on and then she screamed. I ran to her room and saw her on the bed getting raped by a nigger. Because I only had my mom I grew up faster doing things on my own. I decided to go grab the fire poker from the fire place. As I ran back to save my mom, I heard a gun shot and then it was quiet. As I approached her room I made sure I was quiet. As I looked in through the door I saw the man looking out to the back yard smoking something. I started running and pushed the poker as hard as I could forward. I stabbed it as far as I could into his back. He screamed and reached for his gun he had left on the bed. I ran away, all the way out side to my neighbor's house, which was about 2 minutes through the woods. I remember then I rang the door bell, and having so much fear that I was going to be killed. When the woman opened the door and saw me, before she could speak these words came out of my mouth. My mommy got killed and the mans is after me please help me. As we were sitting in the house I couldn't stop thinking that man was going to find me and hurt me.

My neighbor started a fire and I remember laying on there couch watching the fire. Soon to hear sirens, loudly coming to the house. Then I fell asleep, I remember the next day I was in a police office and talking about what happened. I then saw the man who had killed my mom. Looking into his eyes I started shaking, the office told me i was fine though because he couldn't see me through the glass.

I then lived in a orphanage till i was adopted at the age of 9. With my foster parents I was left alone most the time. I remember sitting in my room angry at the big fucking nigger and crying over my dad. I was alone with no parents and no grand parents. At the age of 16 I moved out of my foster parents house. I started searching for something to believe in. Since I had basically used every drug I could at the time, when I was on my own since I had to drive I stopped using drugs. Soon I was introduced to a club of satanists in North Dakota. There I followed the teachings under my high priest. At the age of 19 I went to a Christian church and learned the path of god.

Then at the age of 23 I decided to take what I believe and make it into my own religion, when I asked satan and god of this they both replied with the answer of yes in my dreams. Ever since then I have been using what they tell me from the bible and any books on satan of which I would see in my dreams.

Niggers have always been a hate in my heart, for what they did to my family. I will never let any single nigger live for it. And the hate of Jews well as a young boy with no hopes and thinking I was a worthless fool, I was raped by a Jewish priest.

Now I have used my new hate as strength to carry on and kill every stupid fucking nigger alive. I cannot wait till the day every last nigger and jew are dead.


I will rape every single jew i see. you do not understand my hate for what these people have done to me.

So now you see my life and if you are smart you will join my religion and believe.

All others will pay.

Hailz unigod,

support your beliefs and mine, together we will rise above all


Hello you,
So I'm guessing you would like to kill a Nigger or Nukka right?
Well you need to come together and join my nigger hates for life group. Currently I am the only member but with your help we can kill every stupid fucking nigger alive. And jews too, those stupid fucks who think there better than every one.

If you need a religion to join, well join mine I am High Preistest Salem Roter, and satan calls you, along with god. You see satan and god are both very good friends and people need to understand, you can kill a nigger or all of them and still have a prosperous after life. Every one else is just ignorant and don't understand how smart you are for believing this.

We will have a major group get together soon in Detroit, there the blood bath will begin. I have already communicated with my ex army friends and so many are ready to kill. Many of the new recruits are also going to be involved. Tanks will hopefully be involved it our attack. People need to understand niggers are not aloud to be people. There are worthless fat lipped dogs, that have tried to scare every one else. But now its time to hit them back, and hard.

Hailz unigod

High Preistest Salem Roter,

Send me a email if you would like to join my group

oh and yes we will be able to have the raping of small children happening in honor of micheal jackson.